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Fellow LOMA Guilds
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Welcome to the Valkyrie Alliance Forums!!

LOMA is live and so are we.
Currently recruiting strong minded PvPers and respectable players.
Valkyrie Alliance is spread along a few other games. Such as ESO,Edda,Aion, and of course LOMA!
Please feel free to poke around and see what we have to offer.

Guild News


Lunniie, Mar 28, 11 11:13 AM.
Valkyrie Alliance has merged with Vendetta!
bringing the best of two worlds together.
What does this mean for Valkyrie? well we will use it as a training alliance, I have many alts in there from lots of others.
So if you want guidence we're still around ^^

News for Feb.

Lunniie, Feb 8, 11 12:37 PM.
A few things:

1- All new members MUST sign up for these forums AND download,install, and use Vent - Vent is a need in this alliance as we all hate repeating ourselves 20 times in 4 minutes, so please use it. If you don't use Vent, you will be SOL on wars and events as we will NOT type anything to you, so you're screwed.

2- Contribution - If by the end of the month, you do not have 3k cont. You will be removed. This is a needed thing, we need to know you're fully into this alliance, you need to help the alliance achieve lvl 5 so we can hold territory. If you don't want those benefits, then fine, find another alliance to ride around on. This is not a free ride alliance, everyone is expected to do their part.

3- Alliance before all else, if you obtain an item you have no use for, you should ALWAYS offer it to Alliance first. If you choose to charge an alliance member, know that those of us who play with the morals of alliance over sale, will never give you anything for free. but continue to give those who give back, items at no cost.
I have said it before... this is not a "me-me Alliance" You get no where alone. Unless of course you want to try warring all by yourself against another alliance.. in which case, I will gladly set that up for you. I don't take kindly to greedy people.

4- Respect - Hate me or fellow mates all you want, but being in this alliance you need to have some respect for the people around you. If you have an issue with me, come to me, tell me. Don't bring drama into alliance chat, don't be afraid to voice your opinion to me either. But for fucks sake show some respect.

That's pretty much it for now...
We're thinking of some way to get you people to contribute more... like some sort of Alliance event, most cont. gets a prize. Something like that... I don't know yet.

Updates for Jan.

Lunniie, Jan 23, 11 12:55 PM.
Greetings Valkyrie Alliance members. This is the Valkyrie Newsletter! I will be doing this once a month or every few weeks, whatever is needed.
A few things -

1) The alliance will be getting cleaned out come the end of the month. So if you're inactive, I will be removing you. If you come back before the end of the month, you won't be kicked.

Side Note: If you do return to the game at a later date, you may of course join us again, as I will leave you on the forums as a member.

2) Weekly Alliance Contribution Event! Once a week You can do the Forlorn Coast Defense event with us and donate ALL items to the Alliance Master.You only have to do this once a week. So please notify me or Chris on when you can do it. You can also post the time you with to do it by visiting the thread of this event on our forums.

3) I need to start sorting out the pvpers. IF you are interested in pvp, please Read the pvp thread on our forums and make your post.

4) We're doing PV runs every day, or at least trying to. Please Post on the forums if you need to do the quest, and if you need the next grade esper that drops in there. We will take you through so long as we have a party of 3-6.

5) We are currently doing Ghost Ship, so if you're lvl 90 or higher, feel free to join us.

Any questions you might have, feel free to post them. Or send a message to myself or Chris.
Happy gaming everyone!

~Lunie - Valkyrie Marshal

Open Beta set!!!

Lunniie, Dec 14, 10 11:00 PM.
Greetings everyone!

First off I'm happy to say my computer is fixed!! I'm sorry once again for poofing on everyone, I had no computer for a lil while there. But all is right again and my computer is back in working order!

Onward to mail! ....not really but NEWS!

Open Beta HAS been set for December 15th. Frankie posted they are aiming for an opening time of 4pm pst.
So everyone be ready! I will be getting Valkyrie off again and this time I'll actually be around, no more computer issues! lol.

Luv you all and hope to see you back for OB!


CB DAY is upon us!

Lunniie, Nov 24, 10 9:02 AM.
Greetings once again, Lunie here.
I am happy to announce CB day is finally here!! Some of have been waiting 7months... some of us 7 days, the point is today we will get to enter the world of LOMA. I can't wait to see everyone in game!

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